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I want to tell you about the people who work at Cawston & Associates Inc. Wendy and Bill  met at the Department of National Revenue in the 70s.  (Now called the Canada Revenue Agency).
Wendy had several jobs at the tax department including supervision of the public information counter, an assessor and an auditor.  She did audits on taxpayers who had claimed expenses which appeared to be overstated. Today Wendy uses that experience to ensure that your expense claims are correct and they are audit proof. Wendy was a business manager in the automobile industry getting people financed on their new vehicle.  She uses this experience to help you find a funding source to pay the Canada Revenue Agency if in fact you owe.
Bill graduated from the University of Montana in 1970 and has a four year Business Administration degree.  Bill was hired by the Department of National Revenue upon graduation and placed in a training program along with twenty other people in Calgary.
The first six months of Bill’s training was in a classroom where all of the candidates were taught the Income Tax Act, day after day. There were three instructors who were versed in different areas of the tax and its administration.
After 6 months the candidates were rotated though most sections to get a full understanding of the procedures in the Department. Bill has experience in many areas of the department, now called the Canada Revenue Agency.  He has been an assessor, an office auditor, a field auditor, a group head in assessing, an acting chief of assessing, a planning and programs officer.  Bill monitored collections, payroll audits, taxroll and assessing. In Bill’s final job he was the Chief of Taxroll in Calgary where he had a staff of about seventy people.
Trevor who is the son of Wendy and Bill graduated from Mount Royal College with a diploma in business Administration and the University of Lethbridge with a Management Degree.
Trevor and Bill are partners in Cawston & Associates Inc. and Wendy works for Trevor.  Trust me; it is much better this way. Trevor and Bill have been in business together for about nine years.  Bill has been very lucky to have been able to work with his son in a field that they both have passion for.
We have two bookkeepers who subcontract to us who are very good at their jobs.
We have networked with Tax Lawyers, Bankruptcy Trustees, and Accountants of various designations. We are not accountants, we are Tax Consultants.  We have clients from all across Canada and a few from the United States.
We call our files clean up files.  We do not give you a band-aid solution but we do provide a final solution. If you find yourself in trouble with the Canada Revenue Agency you might consider calling Cawston & Associates Inc.
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This article was written by W. N. Cawston (Bill).  Bill has over forty five years of Income Tax experience.

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