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If you will be going to court because of a tax dispute of more than 25,000, then a tax lawyer Calgary needs to appear on your behalf in the Tax Court of Canada. If you have any legal tax issues, a tax lawyer has the added experience of an accountant plus knows the way around the court system in order to defend your claims. They can help you take full advantage of your rights while in court against the CRA. An accountant might be able to help you, but they are only allowed to represent you in the small claims version of the Tax Court for tax issues of lesser value.

We have over 50 years experience helping people from Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary in dealing with CRA related tax troubles. When it comes to Red Deer Tax Accountants and Consultants no one understands tax better then we do. To better understand how Cawston and Associates solves personal and business tax problems consider this:
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The Brown Envelope Dilemma

We had a client who in his first career was a firefighter and in his second career a steel  worker.  He could walk across a steel girder hundreds of feet above the ground.  He was only afraid of one thing, (two actually if you count his ex-wife’s lawyer).  He was afraid to open brown envelopes from the Canada Revenue Agency.  When Wendy and I first met him he brought a stack of at least twenty unopened brown envelopes.

We have had clients who drop the brown envelopes in my mailbox at night as they are afraid to open them.

These nice people have trouble facing the reality of being pressured by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Guess what, everyone who is reading this, it is time to reach REALITY.  Procrastination does not make this problem go away.

Do not be under any illusion that the Canada Revenue Agency is on your side.  To the contrary, the employees of the Canada Revenue Agency are there to do their jobs which are to make you compliant with the Income Tax Act which includes paying your taxes in advance or on time, in full.  That is their job.

If you find that you are in this position you should immediately find a qualified tax practitioner.

This is a very stressful time in your life.  We have seen many marriages that have ended over these issues.

At Cawston & Associates Inc., we are not a band-aid solution but we are a final solution.  We do files that we call clean-ups.  We are not a firm like H & R Block that does just tax returns for you.

Let’s be clear, at Cawston & Associates Inc. we are your advocate.  We care about you and your family.  We want to get you out of your Canada Revenue mess, while at the same time, trying to preserve some of your assets for you and your family.

We assist in the areas of non-filers, audit representation, filing notice of objection representation, payment arrangements, taxpayer relief, voluntary disclosures, dealing with collections, and tax driven insolvency matters.

Our clientele is blue collar workers and we practice in what we call “Mom & Pop” tax.  We do not represent large multinational companies nor are we qualified to do so.

We represent you, the person who is reading this late at night because you cannot sleep and you are sick with worry.  You do not want any more phone calls from the Canada Revenue Agency or surprise visits.

Meet Bill and Trevor Cawston – Cawston and Associates Tax Consultants

Please let my family help you and your family out of this mess.

Personal bankruptcy is an issue that should not be taken lightly, and also a situation that you should not have to deal with on your own. Our staff of highly trained professionals are here to help you through one of the most stressful situations you may find yourself in.

Debt has a large negative impact on everything, from your health to family relations. It causes a large amount of stress that can affect how much and how often you sleep, your diet, and your general happiness. If you try to ignore it, then it will simply spiral out of control and  quickly get a whole lot worse. However, if you let other people in and ask for help, it can often be easily solved.

Our aim is to provide you with one of these reasonably simple and stress-free solutions. We can talk you through the different options that are available to you, and help you choose the one that works best. We will make sure that we know as much as possible in order to understand your own personal situation, so that our services can be tailor made to suit you. We aim to be friendly and welcoming, because we know that this might just be one of the most difficult times in your life. You risk losing a lot, and we want to try and make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Working with teams of lawyers, accountants and debt collectors, we will try and make the best of your situation. Taking hold of your tax returns, we ill make sure that they are filled in correctly and submitted on time when they are due. On top of this, we will work hard to try and get you the best deal, so that you lose as few of your assets as possible.

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